ross rasta

I have long been a fan of Ross (Rasta) Harrison's 13th Beach surf reports. The man has his finger firmly on the pulse, and is in my eyes a real treasure. Be it political, humanitarian, surfing, environmental or just plain everyday life commentary, he always seems to get me chuckling.

Here is a sample, which turns out to be today's surf report, just incase you were planning on surfing this morning...and own a time machine, though me thinks if you did have a time machine you would not be travelling back in time to surf todays small onshore mediocrity.

"The wind is up from the east at 10K's or so and its fairly bumpy and was supposed to go north east but no guarantees thinks that may not happen...with a predicted south east for the arvo....Friday will be a windy north to north east and a 2ft swell.....bring a log or fat fish......clean small waves....Saturday will be east to south east at 4K's and 1ft....very tiny waves and poor winds.....Sunday will be a windy west to south wester at 18K's and stronger gusts with a 3 to 4ft swell.....Possos to Bells will be worth a look and Pt Road Knight to Lorne Point will be viable on the sou wester.....I have great trouble with Olive Oil...if an oil gives it self up so easy why is it called a virgin olive oil....a virgin oil should not be that easy to get...certainly not after just one pressing....surely the oil that's got from the 20th pressing would be more sort after as its not so easy to get and is more particular.......anyway i digress... whats with the extra virgin olive that's even more can it be more virginal than the just plain virgin olive oil??It bloody confusing brothers...go figure...stay upright and make a difference...Ross Rasta Surf Co"

Long live Ross Rasta.