After surfing in the hot Noosa sun, we would seek refuge in fruit shops and supermarkets. Mango's were cheap and they were basically giving pineapple and rockmelon away. Good planning the night before saw us freezing almost a dozen water bottles in the freezer, with each one eventually succumbing to the heat and meeting it's fate as a life saver.

bath water

The sun gets up super early in Noosa. By around 5:30am it's beginning to prove difficult to have a sleep in, with all the bird & insect life trumpeting in a group chorus, as well as the steady increase in temperature and humidity. 

At this point, one would amble out of bed and into the living room where buddies were scratching their heads and rubbing their eyes, visibly perplexed by if they had over indulged on beer the evening prior or if they had managed to stay under the magic 'no hangover barrier'.

By 6:30 we were at the beach, still perplexed, but eager to learn what the 27 degree celsius sea had in store for us.

humid humans

I've just returned from an incredible trip up North. Noosa to Newcastle. A van loaded with 3 smelly men, surfboards and endless belly laughs.

We visited dear friends along the way, who welcomed us into their lives with open hearts.

We're the luckiest people alive.

Loads of photos to come.

for kicks

Some photographs from the last few months, playing around with the ocean and a camera. 

i'm still here

I watched the light dissipate as storm clouds crept in, on a streamy summers evening. One can be distracted by lots of things, many of which are exactly that, distractions. The warm breeze and mesmerising slow but steady rhythm of the ocean was most certainly not a distraction, but rather an escape. 

I'll save the rest of the philosophical bullshit for never, and finish by saying, I enjoyed this experience. 

mellow yellow

It's been a bit of a while since a decent chain of blog posts.

That's not to say that I have not been creating. In fact, I have been creating more than I ever have. I'm working for a kick-arse design studio on the coast, and have been neck deep in photography and graphic design. It's unreal!

I am in the planning (and purchasing) stage for a new creative personal project that will see a fusion of my creative loves, being audible & visual. More to come.

Below is a photograph from the drive home to visit my family to celebrate fathers day. Such a spectacular drive this time of year.


While up in Noosa, I shot a new clip for Rake Surfboards. Check it out if you're keen.

Rake Surfboards 2013 from Rake Surfboards on Vimeo.

noosa trois

Some more shots from Noosa, man it's beautiful there. As mentioned I was there shooting some photo & video for Rake Surfboards. Here are some shots of Adrian Knott, Rake Surfboards creator. 

The shaping bay setup in the backyard is amazing. Everything about the shed is stunning. It was built by the previous owner of the house, for the purpose of being a chapel to have a backyard wedding in. It's now transformed into a surfboard shaping bay, which is essentially a shrine to a religion anyway.

noosa deux

It's nothing short of spectacular up here in Noosa. The setup for waves is more inspiring than I could ever imagine, making for perfect down the line logging. The people are mega friendly, and it seems everywhere you turn someone is wanting to have a hello. 

Since being here we have had super fun waves at several spots on the world famous points, including First Point, Little Cove and Nasho's. 

Tomorrow the waves are expected to pump in the afternoon, so we are eagerly waiting.