luke taaffe

Luke Taaffe is a gifted artist, and lover. He draws great inspiration from surf, life, road trips, fashion; specifically Pucci print. His use of colour and fine detail is breathtaking. 

I first came across Luke's work when I moved down the coast and attended a surf art exhibition called Wax Off. I was introduced to Luke early in the evening through mutual friend, Ryan Heywood, and thought he seemed like nice enough everyday fella. I worked my way through the pieces in the exhibition and eventually came across a work that blew my mind. An 'egg' shaped surfboard, with a painting on it so detailed and intriguing I couldn't stop talking about it for the whole 1 hour drive home in  the car. See it here. I didn't realise Luke had painted this piece until I went to his house one day and saw it in the living room. "Well fuck me", I thought. "This guys a guru". 

Every house needs a Luke Taaffe painting in it. 

Follow the following link for Luke Taaffe's new website.