fly fishing

Last month, my brothers and I took my father away fly fishing for his 60th birthday. Our destination was the Kiewa Valley, Victoria, a place we have fished many times over the years. On the drive up we sampled breathtaking cheeses and wines at the Brown Brothers Winery in Milawa, and purchased several bottles to accompany dinner on the following evenings. 

The river was just as, if not more beautiful then I remembered it. Fed directly from melting snow at Falls Creek, the river cascades through the Kiewa Valley with great ease and constant strength, with every rock and boulder playing an important part in the rivers majestic rhythm. 

For several days we cast imitation insects through the air, and softly landed them on the Kiewa Rivers surface with the hopes and dreams of luring Brown and Rainbow Trout for an inquisitive bite. 

Everyone but myself had success with landing at least one fish, though this just gives me more reason to return, sooner rather than later.